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Our founders bring top-tier experience to the table. With this team, you'll experience extraordinary care from a team committed to your wellbeing!


Co-Founder & CEO

Claire Barnett

Claire has spent the past 7 years applying technology to some of society’s trickiest behavioural problems as UK Director of United Nations Women, where she mobilised over £23 million per year, and created an award-winning virtual and mixed reality training platform to end sexual violence. She is the founder of a profitable wellness studio in London and a former consultant for multi-billion dollar companies at McKinsey & Company.

Co-Founder & COO

Gautam Murgai

Gautam started his career in finance with Morgan Stanley, and worked in VR for the last 4 years, having set up his own studio of 15 people, delivering 8 projects in XR. He then went on to lead product for some of the most successful VR applications, most recently Pokerstars VR ($25m revenue, 60k DAUs).

Co-Founder & CTO

Alejandro Simón

Alejandro Simón has led teams of up to 80 engineers at Unity, Skyscanner, Electronic Arts, Sega and PlayStation. As the Tech Lead at Kano Computing he set up a crowdfunded for $100k for an educational platform teaching children to make their own computers, and ended up raising $1.4 million in the first month.

Technical Director

Richard Bang

Richard has over a decade of leadership experience within the VR industry, spearheading the development of cutting-edge applications for both independent ventures and startups. Beyond VR, he has also directed highly successful projects in business SaaS software and embedded hardware, demonstrating a diverse skill set and a strong track record of delivering innovative solutions across multiple technology sectors.

Sound Designer

Jack Hyde

Jack is an audio professional whose career began in the world of post-production audio for linear media. He then transitioned his focus towards the fields of spatial audio and non-linear interactive sound design and composition. As a composer, Jack has released work on labels such as Past Inside The Present & Shimmering Moods Records.

Operations Associate

Nina Carlos-Bose

Nina's passionate about tech, innovation, and the application of spatial computing for social good.

She has experience working in start-ups and nothing satisfies her more than meeting new people, developing new relationships, solving problems, and contributing to the growth of businesses.

Nina completed her Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation at King’s College London in order to strengthen her foundation in effectively seizing possibilities in today's fast-paced and inventive markets.

Art Director 

Ruben Brockhaus

Ruben has been leading the visual and interaction design of XR experiences for 9 years, applying the unique potential of realtime-development tools to areas outside of gaming for clients like the BBC, Johnny Walker and Juilliard School. He’s helped multiple development studios and creative agencies to adapt visual XR creation workflows permanently, striving to empower people outside of the tech world with the most recent tools to create completely new products.

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